BML#2--42 in. solid oak wheel chandelier with 8 decorative lights. Can be custom made with more lights if desired. 1 wheel--$1200.  Double wheel (as shown) $1500.  Designed for 16 foot ceilings. wiring UL approved.

BWL3--32in. wagon wheel replica with 5 decorative lights. Hangs approx. 36 in. Price $400.  Wiring UL approved.



BWL4--Amish 42in. solid oak wagon wheel chandelier with 6 antique lanterns. Approximately 36in. hanging black chain. Wiring UL approved. $1500.

BWL5-- Original antique wood 36in. two horse evener with two 28in. single trees with four black lanterns. Approximately 20in. hanging black chain. Wiring UL approved. $1250.



BWL6-- Original antique wood single tree with 2 black pendant lights. Hangs approximately 22in.  Wiring UL approved. $500.

BWL10-- Contemporary 20 in. solid oak Amish wagon wheel chandelier with 5 tan lights. Lighting fixture hangs 24 in. Wiring UL approved. $400.



BWL7--Original antique wood single tree 28in. wide with 2 hanging black lanterns.  Approximately 20in. hanging black chain. $650.

BWL8--Original rope mirror design. original color. 18X24in. with horseshoe hanger attached. $125.

BWL9--Original rope mirror design pink rope. 16in. rope mirror with horseshoe hanger attached. $125.


If necessity was the mother of invention, then the cowboy is the original inventor. The need for unique, Western-style lighting that makes a statement about individual style led this cowboy to start creating one-of-a-kind lighting  fixtures from various antique horse gear.   Wagon wheels, hames, single trees, lanterns, leather, and rawhide are a few of the re-purposed items that find new life as stunning lighting accents. Large lights can become the focal point of your living area, draw attention to a free-standing bar, or cleverly illuminate a stairway, and make a statement about your love of all things Western.

We have several lights in stock that are made from antique single trees and double trees.  The metal is refinished in wrought iron black. The wood has been treated with a special oil finish that brings out the original grain of the wood.  New lights that we are making now feature original Amish craftsmanship and are made from solid Oak with the same natural oil finish.  We are now able to  build a wider variety of  lighting fixtures in the single tree and double tree style as well as wagon wheels in sizes from 10 inches to 48 inches.  These fixtures can be customized to fit your own design  plus match the style of your home.  These wheels can be designed with 4, 8 ,10, 12, 16 or more, light fixtures depending on the amount of lighting required.  You tell us what you like and need in lighting and we will help you design it."

To purchase one of the lights shown on the webpage, please contact us at: Email:  brockmanwj@gmail.com  

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