The Lil' Red Roan Who Inspired a Western Gift Shop
So who is the Lil' Red roan? "Scorpion was a cute lil' red roan horse that my heart truly loved to ride, " says Mindy. "Scorpion was short, stocky, and all heart. Whether givng his all to gather bucking horses or carefully making his way through a lava rock pile to get a stray calf, Scorpion always gave 100%," Mindy explains. "'Lil' Red Roan is a reminder of a good friend, things that truly make me happy, and of always giving 110%."

"My vision for Lil' Red Roan is to provide amazing western products and help people find the perfect gift," says Mindy. "I always loved to shop and find someone the 'perfect present. When I find something I think is fabulous.....I have to share it with my friends!"

"Friends are the best thing about 'Lil' Red Roan. I love the amazing people that I now have the opportunity to meet and share my favorite things with!"